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Orchid arrangement Miami

Commercial And Residential Leasing

C.S. Orchids helps our customers bring nature indoors by providing custom-designed orchid arrangements and plants. We offer affordable monthly lease programs for corporate offices and residences.

Our service technicians handle the installation and maintenance. They will water, fertilize, clean and trim your plants. Our Lease Program includes a full guarantee on all plants under contract. Any plant that begins to lose its vitality will be replaced the next business day at no additional cost to you.

Research by leading international universities has proven that workers in an environment that included flowers and plants are less stressed, resulting in increased productivity and creativity.

Live plants also help to reduce noise levels and minimize distractions to improve your workers’ focus and efficiency.

   A Proud Family-owned company

Let us have the pleasure of working with you

C.S. Orchids is committed to providing the highest quality of products and services, always keeping fresh orchid arrangements at your office, home, or special events.

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